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By: WaN Sya

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Saturday, 29-Mar-2008 00:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
27 Dresses

Love it! **2 thumbs up** especially the hero, sangatla sweet n macho (the character i mean ) lalallaa

27Dresses is definitely a worth watching (to whom who loves to watch romantic comedy of cos..)

Btw we watch it at GSC Signature, The Gardens. Been there 2 times and we already so addicted to that place. Definitely a must go place to watch movie tho' a lil expensive. It's worth it! Enjoy the photos...

**he definitely loves this place**

**all is a twin-recline seat which is soooo comfy**

Tuesday, 11-Mar-2008 17:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hubby's Baking Day

He had a teambuilding in Malaysia Baking Institute. One whole department went. About 40+ of them. Sound a bit girlish kan.. but hey, best chefs are always men. *Sigh* I found it creative tho' and interesting to have such cooking activities for a teambuilding. Unlike us, *duh* sangat la bosan okeh our company's teambuilding.

So here it is.. the 3 precious recipes he did and soooo proud of it!

**German loaf**

**Blueberry cheese cake**


5***** to my dearest hubs. Pandainyerrrrr masak.. sila masak selalu

Saturday, 9-Feb-2008 13:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hanoi, Vietnam - Day 3 (2 Feb 08)

3rd day at Hanoi. Initially we planned to go for city tour which was arranged by the hotel . Cost us USD17/pax. Tapi lepas fikir2, my abah decided to tour the city on our own. Adventurous jugak abah aku ni.. hehehe... he asked around and found out that we could actually tour by bus. It cost us only VND3,000 per trip /pax. sangat la murah. tp of course la if you take the tour, everything is arranged by them. ada guide, all entrance fee semua covered dlm tu. tp since we dont plan to enter all the museums and what not.. just nak jalan2 tgk tempat org je.. rombongan cik kiah kami pun naik la bas. Bas diorang very spacious tak mcm tempat kita. maybe most of them naik motor. tak ramai la naik bas.

**Trip to the city**

Sya replies:-

<<jeff>> : Hi Jeff. It's nice. So much to explore.
deeda : Hi Deeda, I forgot how to.. but i will look up for you and let you know
rinnchan : Kak Rinn, sangat sejuk sampai makan biskut kering pun rasa cam makan pizza
cda :Hi babe, welcome back.. sila kemaskini FP anda ye hehe
YusVogue-Mama Mikhael :Hi Yus, tq for dropping by. Well i guess it's worth it la.

Thursday, 7-Feb-2008 05:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hanoi, Vietnam - Day 2 (1 Feb 08)

The next morning we went to the famous lake in Old Quarter - Hoan Kiem Lake which is situated nearby our hotel -about 5 minutes walk. (FYI, there are many lakes in hanoi.. macam2 nama..). And sangat la sejuk sampai kebas-kebas tangan..

**Dekat Hoan Kiem Lake**

From there, jalan2 lagi area Old Quarter. Memang tak abis jalan sampai la balik.

**Jalan-jalan di Old Quarter**

**Faces of Old Quarter**

Then as shown by Pak Ben (the owner of Nisa Restaurant- the only Malay /Halal Restaurant in Hanoi) we then went to Dong Xuan Market which is about 15 minutes walk from our hotel. Masih dlm kawasan Old Quarter lagi. Dong Xuan market is more like a wholesale market where they sell many many things there. Kraftangan, bags, sovenirs, foods... etc but we didnt buy much there. Beli gajus je, VND140,000/ kg. Dlm rm28/kg. Earlier, we have arranged with the hotel for a trip to Silk Village @ Van Phuc. It costs us USD30/trip. Hmmm quite okay la. Silk Village tempat they all produce silk, so you can get cheaper price compared to the one sold in Hang Gai Street. Quality wise.. unsure. Pada saya, lebih kurang jek. So sangat berbaloi la pergi ke Silk Village.

**Dari Dong Xuan market ke Silk Village, Van Phuc**

And for the 1st time, i saw this in real. We heard about it - that Viet ate dogs!! Dgr je dah geli.. how bout seeing it?

**Adegan yang tak sanggup anda lihat ~ anjing panggang**

Erkkk enuff on dogs! Yikess terbayang sampai balik
Journey to Silk Village lebih kurang 1 hour pergi and 1 hour balik. We were allowed to spend only 2 hours there. Memang tak sempat. Kelam kabut jugak. Since limited time masa kat Silk Village, sampai Old Quarter we all sambung shopping @ Hang Gai Street pulak Compared to Silk Village, price of silk at Hang Gai Street double than Silk Village.

**Shopping @ Hang Gai Street**

Most of the time we ate in the hotel. We brought canned food since susah nak dapat halal food kat Viet. Dah la cuaca sejuk sangat.. (until the day we went home pun masih 6 degrees!) perut pun asik bekeroncong la.

Wednesday, 6-Feb-2008 20:32 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hanoi, Vietnam - Day 1 (31 Jan 08)

Salam .. just got back from Hanoi, last Sunday to be exact. 7 of us (myself, hubby, mom, MIL, PIL sis/bro-in-law), stayed in Hanoi for 4d3n. It's winter in Hanoi! (but of cos no snow la, but there is snow in SaPa Village - 12 hours from Hanoi.. wowww).. We arrived in Hanoi- Noi Bai Airport around 8.30am (local time) and it was about 6 degrees and decreased to 3 degrees at night! sampai je terus shopping mittens, cap, shawl.. luckily murah..

In Hanoi there are four distinct seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. But it is possible to divide the climate here into two main seasons: the rainy season from May to September (it’s hot, heavy rain), and the dry season from October to April (it’s cold, little rainfall). The annual average temperature is 23.2oC, but in Winter the average temperature is 17.2oC. The lowest temperature ever recorded was 2.7oC in 1955. The average summer temperature is 29.2oC, with the highest ever recorded being 42.8oC in 1926. On average, there are 114 rainy days a year with around 1,800 mm of rainfall.

**Welcome to Hanoi**

**Testing cap... sejukkk**

I booked the hotel thru the internet with some guidance from TripAdvisor. Its really helped and i am quite satisfied with the hotel condition. We booked 2 rooms 1 X Deluxe Room = USD35 and 1 X Family Suite = USD40 per nite. Arranged sekali airport transfer with the hotel for USD18 per trip. This is really important as i have read in many forums that many people complaints on taxi scam at Noi Bai Airport. Jahat sungguh org2 kat sana.. they can easily cheated on you and said that the hotel you have booked is fully book and they will bring you to another hotel where they'll get commission and of course the hotel will overcharged you! Kira taxi ulat la ni..

**From airport to hotel**

Our hotel - Golden Sun hotel is located in Old Quarter (about 45 minutes from Airport). Kira cam old town Hanoi la.. in Old Quarter itself there are about or more 40 small streets where each streets; sepanjang panjang jalan tu org meniaga. Each street jual their own specialties la.. ie: Hang Gai Street jual silk semata, then this street jual kasut je.. and so on.. there are soooo manyyyyy things on sale. But of course BARGAIN is essential!! Owh.. In my opinion, Viet kinda rude la.. if to compared with Thais. Kalu kita bargain lebih2.. masam mencuka la muka dia.. siap mcm marah2 kata NO NO..
From my observation, diorang ni kecik2 orangnye.. kuat gadoh.. ha ha ha.. i saw them quarelling over small accident! memang gadoh giler2 la.. takut wo siap jerit2; padahal accident ciput jek. They eat dogs! yikesss i got the pic as a prove.. anjing panggang .. erkkkk he he.. apart from these.. barang2 kat sana murah2 belaka.. sutera, kain langsir, beg modern (immitation or ori? not sure) and ethnic, home deco, etc ect.. sangat sangat murah!
Currency : Vietnam Dong (VND) but they use USD as well. Of course it is better to use VND sebab senang nak bargain and cheaper. What i did, I change RM to USD here then convert to VND there. Lagi untung coz you cant really find money changer yg sell VND here in KL plus expensive banding kat Vietnam itself.

**Our hotel ~ Golden Sun Hotel**

We spent most of the time in Hanoi @ Old Quarter itself. Pusing2 situ je.. pun tak abis jalan. Makan wise susah sket because there's only 1 halal restaurant (2 actually). The most famous one is Nisa Restaurant - owner from Malaysian. (The other one is Pakistani food kot - Shalimar Restaurant). We had our meal only twice kat Nisa.. selebihnya makan kat hotel as we brought our own food - canned food/ instant mee. Nisa restaurant tu sangat mahal. A plate of fried rice cost you VND50,000 = RM10. Roti canai pun = VND50,000 = RM10. (tp standard la, tempat org kan..)

**Nisa Restaurant**

Masa we all sampai, Viet tgh prepare for their Lunar New Year celebration (CNY in Malaysia). So along the road tu, banyakkkkk org jual pokok buah limau mandarin yg kecik2 tu. Yummmyyy.. manis sangatt!

**Limau mandarin di mana-mana**

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